Stan Lee accused of sexually harassing, groping home health nurses

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Longtime Marvel exec and comics creator Stan Lee, 95, has been accused of sexually persecuting and aggression dwelling health nannies at his Los Angeles residence, according to a brand-new report .~ ATAGEND

The Daily Mail , quoting an unnamed informant “with knowledge of the situation, ” says Lee repeatedly groped young, female nannies, ask questions for crude sex indulgences, and walked around in front of them nude. The nursing company–also unnamed–told the story store that it piece ties with Lee late last year. The proprietor confirmed to the Daily Mail through a rep that she had received several complaints concerning nurses who worked with Lee.

Lee’s attorney, Tom Lallas, told the Daily Mail that Lee “categorically affirms these fallacious and loathsome charges and he perfectly intends to fight to shield his stellar good name and impeccable character.” Lallas mailed a cease and desist letter to the nursing busines on Dec. 20, which, according to the Daily Mail , accuses “individuals” at the nurse busines for determining insulting claims against Lee. Lallas also alleges Lee is the target of extortion.

A representative of Vitale Nursing Inc ., the dwelling wet-nurse company Lee now exercises, told the Daily Mail that Lee has been “polite, kind, and respectful.” Lee’s company, POW! Entertainment, declined to comment on “personal issues” relating to Lee.

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