College Student Flushes Hamster Down Toilet After Claiming A Spirit Airlines Employee Told Her To!

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Yeaaaaah, we’re not sure we’re buying this.

A 21 -year-old student, appointed Belen Aldecosea, is shaping headlines the coming week as she’s disappearing after Spirit Airlines for ordering her to redden her pet hamster down a toilet. Harmonizing to the Florida native, she called the airline a pair hours to ensure that her dwarf hamster Pebbles could attach her on a flight from Baltimore to South Florida.

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Apparently, when Belen arrived at the airport, Spirit refused to let the little fluff ball card the flight. Here’s where Aldecosea’s story takes a crazzzzy turn. Supposedly, an airline agent were of the view that she evened Pebbles down a toilet. WHAT ???

Understandably, Spirit denies that federal employees made this suggestion to Belen. Regardless, the college student protects that she suffered over the relevant recommendations for hours and chose to flush her baby as she had to get home be addressed with a medical publication. Belen told the Miami Herald:

“She was scared. I was startled. It was shocking trying to framed her in the toilet. I was emotional. I was hollering. I sat there for a good 10 instants weeping in the stall.”

Okay, for starters, we have very little sympathy for this woman as she made the decision to blush her hamster. Furthermore, we HIGHLY disbelieve an airline would suggest this type of brutality towards an animal.

The 20 -something is now considering litigating Spirit for the alleged component they played in her hamster’s demise. Unlike the emotional support peacock that was turned away by United Airline, lawyer Adam Goodman protects that Pebbles didn’t “pose a danger to other passengers.”

Although the rodent was registered as an emotional support swine, Spirit had the right to refuse Pebbles’ admittance on to the flight over safety and health applies. Oh, and Belen is still the dunce who evened her hamster down a toilet.

Spirit spokesperson Derek Dombrowski acknowledges an employee misinformed Belen about her hamster’s walk titles, but vehemently disavowed the flushing suggest. He memo 😛 TAGEND

“To be clear, at no level did any of our operators advocate this guest( or any other for that are important) should redden or otherwise disable an animal.”

This directly belies Aldecosea’s claim, which specified that an employee indicated Pebbles be exhausted outside or reddened down a bathroom. After trying to notebook a rental gondola, to no avail, Belen says she chose to flush the critter as it was a “more humane” choice. Was it though ????

What do YOU see? Are you buying her sob story ??

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